AWS Made Simple

Hi! Welcome to my site designed at helping you to understand AWS and their multitude of services a little bit better. I’m a consultant and solutions architect with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I started off as a programmer, made the move to technical sales and business development, did some web development along the way and came full circle back to the technical end. I have always been hands on and need to know how things work under the hood.

I have been working with AWS for over 12 months now and have my Cloud Practitioner and Certified Solutions Architect Associate accreditations. I am also interested in application development and will be sitting my Certified Developer Associate exam shortly when I have time from my current day job of flying Boeing 787s around the world.

One of the areas I am interested in is IaC (Infrastructure as Code). I built this WordPress site primarily as a means of getting up to speed with various AWS skillsets including CloudFormation, RDS, EC2, EFS, S3, IAM, CloudFront, Amazon Certificate Manager and Route 53. I’ll get some articles on here about my journey to get this site up and running and what I learnt during the process.

Hopefully you will find some of the articles I post on here over the coming months useful. Thanks for reading.

Dean Dunn