AWS development environment shell script for WSL

Having a stable development environment is all about consistency. I got sick of trying to remember my development environment configuration and what was installed so I wrote a shell script to automate the initial setup.

My editor of choice is Visual Studio code, but like most devs I use quite a few underlying tools including GitHub, AWS CLI, AWS CDK, jq for JSON parsing and a few other specific pieces of software including cfn-lint for YAML linting and cfn-diagram for CloudFormation diagrams. Along with that are the underlying dependancies such as PIP, Node and nvm.

My shell script automates the installation of all this. Note that I’m currently using the Brew version of cfn-lint as there are issues with installing via PIP. The script takes a while but it does complete sucessfully. Let me know if you have any issues.

My setup is Ubuntu 20.04/WSL2 on Windows 10 Pro so ymmv.

Hope you find it useful, and I welcome constructive feedback and bug reports.

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